BA Studio Art Painting with Art History Minor from Western Washington University, 2007.

Artist Statement

One day my kindergarten teacher pulled me aside and asked if I would paint a section of the school mural. I was painfully shy and introverted as a child. I climbed as high as I could on the ladder and painted the biggest red-orange flower that I could reach. That was my first taste of yelling through color and became the blueprint for the rest of my life as a visual artist.


Each picture starts with an acrylic mid-value ground. From there I play, each stroke inspired by the last while using music as momentum. The most successful pieces have gone through a series of failures, thus constantly providing an experience of growth as a painter. These pieces are often made up of multiple layers and phases, which I refer to as seasoned canvases. There is constant push and pull to create a sense of depth and balance in my work. I prefer to create on a large scale as it not only feels beneficial to use the whole body to actively paint, but the end result is more visually impactful and immersive. I appreciate painting small to practice control and balance within uncomfortable parameters and accept the process as a healthy challenge. 


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